Road to Frisco, TX Day 1

Team Multiverse is proud to announce that we have officially made the move to our new HQ in Frisco, TX, about 20 minutes outside of Dallas. After months of planning and anticipation, the day has finally come where we can all be together in a amazing new town. Day 1 starts with Yoshe heading to the Dallas Fort Worth Airport to pick up Spartan Network. Spartan flew in all the way from Michigan to be here with the team. Meanwhile IvorySlim and DreamChaser packed their bags and prepared for the long drive (approximately 1,400 miles) from California. After saying goodbye to their friends and family Chase and Ivory hit the road on their way to Albocracy, New Mexico for the first half of their trip.

After picking up Spartan from the airport, Yoshe and him made their way to our new temporary home. The Residence Inn by Marriott in Frisco, TX. An absolutely stunning long term stay hotel situated within walking distance of the Ford Center, training facility for the Dallas Cowboys football team. The Residence Inn was kind enough to sponsor our stay here in Frisco during the teams soft landing. The facilities come complete with 24/7 gym and pool access, complimentary breakfast daily, as well as guest parking garage and high end security to ensure the protection of the guests and ourselves.

In addition to the Ford Center, the area also houses many great bars, restaurants, shops, and clubs. Many of which have outdoor seating in view of the giant Ford Center jumbotron, where you can watch Sunday night football while you enjoy your meals and drinks.

The hotel also has a Starbucks in the lobby so the coffee lovers can get their sips on their way out to handle their business. Combining the aesthetic atmosphere of the Inn, the lively experience of the near by social/night life scene, and the close proximity of shopping destinations the team could not have asked for a better place to start their new lives in Frisco. A big thanks and shout out to Residence Inn by Marriott for the warm welcome to this superior living destination.

The whole team is super excited to be here in Frisco, and for all the great events and content we have planned for you all. Our outlook on our situation is very promising and we are all working hard every day to take this brand and community to the next level. We expect that as we continue to work hard and learn more every day, we will keep moving down this road we have set ourselves on. We are so grateful for all the support you have given us along the way, and we plan to continue to give you a bigger and better entertainment experience as we go on.

So we mentioned some big events we have planned for the coming months. To give you an idea of the type of events we are planning we'll tell you a bit about the 1st upcoming event. We've had the pleasure of meeting with John Hardie, the owner and founder of the National Videogame Museum here in Frisco, TX. He was nice enough to give the Team a Personal Private tour of the Museum, and share his story of how the museum came to be. We are very excited to partner with John, the national videogame museum, Omlet Arcade, and HyperX to bring you the virtual tour of the museum live on Omlet Arcade and Youtube. You wont want to miss it.

On top of giving the live virtual tour, we are going to be giving away some awesome items provided by our sponsor HyperX such as Gaming Headsets, and Wireless Bluetooth Ear Buds. Omlet Arcade and The National Videogame Museum are also providing some awesome Swag Packs for you to win in the give away so you definitely don't want to miss out on this, our biggest event yet! A HUGE shout out to The National Videogame Museum, Omlet Arcade, and HyperX for sponsoring this event! We really look forward to this exciting experience.

For your chance to win, and to get your free virtual tour make sure you subscribe to the Team Multiverse Youtube channel and/or Omlet Arcade, and be there at 4pm CST on November, 24th 2020. Check the events tab to RSVP.

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You can also follow each one of the team members individually on Omlet Arcade, find us on the "Featured Friends" section of the team profile.

-Team Multiverse LLC "Come explore the multiverse with us!"

-Writen by: Ivory Slim

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